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Blockchain in Education

The recent and rapid evolution of distributed computing and blockchain technology has pushed us to rethink and reimagine many of the foundational aspects of our traditional systems of education. Concepts like trust, value, privacy, and identity are all coming into question as we usher in a new suite of technologies. Through this transition, the Office of Education Technology is convening stakeholders across the learning continuum to ensure we equitably shape the ever-evolving technological landscape of the American education system.

Education Blockchain Action Network

The Office of Educational Technology invites you to explore and contribute to the Education Blockchain Action Network: a shared, community-driven, action-oriented space for conversation, community curation, and open source project development. Educators, administrators, parents, students, and technology developers are invited to work collectively to learn, influence, and equitably shape the ways in which these new technologies affect our shared future.

Guiding Questions

  • What are the policies that will impact or be impacted by a student-owned, blockchain-based learning records infrastructure? For example, how will this allow us to refine our approach to student privacy, data security, and digital identity?
  • How can education stakeholders develop consensus on a set of open standards and practices that will ensure the flexibility and interoperability of blockchains used for digital credentialing?
  • What principles should we apply to the design and implementation of blockchain-based credentialing systems to ensure social mobility and individual protections, especially for currently disadvantaged populations?

What is a Blockchain?

千亿体育官网This one-pager from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology and the Privacy and Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) discusses blockchain technology and potential implications for educational privacy.


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